Online Game

For the online gaming operators, APO Blockchain infrastructure provides :

Apollon Blockchain naturally attracts online gaming operators and users who use Apollon infrastructure with the following convenience:

Mobile function

The mobility that you carry with you eliminates distance and geographical restrictions and you can get the services, information and entertainment you need at any time
Wallet function
Create and import your own wallet on your mobile phone and keep your digital assets secure.
Digital assets
Manage your own system digital currency assets through mobile phones, and get the latest digital currency market information at any time.
Social Sharing
Finding your own circle, you can buy digital currency and ICO projects, sharing ideas with others.
Transfer transactions
Based on 9-Gold wallet & exchange technology, users can easily receive, transfer APO digital currency.
DApp Casino & Online Casino Gaming
In 9-Gold Ecology, you can easily enter casino gaming for entertainment. you can also use various APO smart contracts to enjoy decentralized services through DAPP.
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